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Capt. Jason Holtz was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and is a fourth generation marlin fisherman and was raised in a sport fishing family. Jason got hooked on offshore fishing at a very young age by spending weekends with his father Capt Mike Holtz, who is a 40 year Kona charter skipper. After attending college Jason went to work full time as a deckhand for renowned skippers like Marlin Parker, Randy Parker, and McGrew Rice. Jason's passion for the sport led him to a job on the "globetrotting" mother ship operation "God's Will" and "God's Favor" where he saw marlin fishing as good as it gets. Traveling with Captains Trevor Cockle and Bubba Carter he chased marlin in over 10 countries, and for 4 years, Jason saw the world from a 48 foot game boat, fishing in locales such as Brazil, Cape Verde, Madeira, Bom Bom, Ascension Island, and much of Central America.

Capt. Jason Holtz is currently the captain of the famous Kona charter boat "Marlin Magic" and he spends his vacation working the deck alongside master wireman Bo Jenyns and Captain Darrin "Biggles" Haydon, during the 90 day season on the Great Barrier Reef chasing monster black marlin.

April 10, 2010 angler Jill Anderson and her husband John boated a 1,104-pound Pacific blue marlin. The first grander of 2010 hit the Marlin Magic bullet lure at 6:55 am, just a few minutes after Jason and crew Bryon Toney left Honokohau Harbor.    Jill Anderson fought the grander for three hours.  Her husband John took over for the final half hour of the fight.
The “short” length (tip of lower jaw to fork of tail) was 142 inches. 



The Marlin Magic is a 43 foot custom Allied Marine which is truly a fishing machine, the Marlin Magic is designed to run fast and back down hard on monster pacific blue marlin. Fully equipped with the highest quality fishing tackle and lures, it is a serious fisherman's vessel, with air conditioned comfort and well maintained salon. The vessel is a tournament winning fishing machine and has decades of prestigious wins in her history.


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